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Vascular Ultrasound

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Ultrasoundpaedia's Vascular Ultrasound app is a detailed description on how to perform Ultrasound on the carotid, vertebral, and leg arteries; the veins of the upper /lower limbs for DVT and venous incompetence.It is an invaluable encyclopedia of "how-to" for all health professionals providing or interpreting ultrasounds.
It encompasses everything you need to know about the anatomy and normal ultrasound appearances and doppler of the peripheral arteries and veins of the limbs and neck.
Each section contains:• Detailed scanning techniques.• Images of probe placement.• A huge array of normal ultrasound images.• Colour overlays describing the anatomy seen.• Spectral and Color doppler images and criteriaLinks are also available to useful websites for pathology and embryology.
It has been created by professionals for professionals.
This application should not be used a replacement for formal ultrasound training. Departmental policies and local laws should always be followed.
An invaluable encyclopedia of ultrasound "how-to" for health professionals.
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